Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes

My topic is about the gender wage gap. Im explaining about how a woman makes 78 cents to a mans dollar. meaning, a woman and a man can have the exact same education and be employed by the same company and work the same job, but the woman will still make a lower income than the man.  I will be discussing how it all started in the United States because of World War II. There are many reasons to why it is still going on today. there have been some actions to try to get rid of the gap but it seems to always be there.

Huffington post- this source is explaining how they did a test on many people and their results showed the gender wage gap. the people had the same education, an MBA, and they were employed by the same people but the woman still make less money. Im using this source in my paper by using the fact of right out of college, a woman will make $98,000 and a man will make $105,000. this will make the reader realize that woman might never have the upper hand in income or ever be equal if getting an education cant even help.

Q13 FOX- This source explains how if a woman gets a higher education than a man, the woman might still make less. this will help with my explanation because it shows that woman are in a very tough spot because not even getting a better education can help sometimes.

Whitehouse - In this source its explaining this different aspects the gap is based on and how it is still going on. There is also information on how there has been attempts to get rid of the wage gap but there is always a way out of it. Im using the different ways that is explained in the article on why it is still going on and how i effects women.

CNN- This article is explaining how there are different job positions that pay differently for men and woman . and i will use this in the paper because it explains how woman dominate the teaching field, but still men will make more. but they do make 87 cents to a mans dollar, which is better than the normal average.

Under standing the basics( the white house) - this source is explaining how the equal pay act was signed in 1963, but it still hasn't worked. But it also explains the executive order that President Obama signed in 2014. im using this is my paper by talking about the paper Obama signed and how there is actions being taken to try to help the discrimination against woman.

National Park Service - this source is explaining how the gender wage gap started in world war II . this is the background to the issue and how it has kept its effect after the war. In my paper, Im using this article to help me explain the beginning of the gender wage gap. This helps set up my paper and lets the reader know how it had all began and how it still is being done today.
This week is really dragging. There is so much to do before break and all my teachers are cramming in papers, tests, midterms , and quizzes right before we get let out of school But the thought of being on a beach in less than a week is the only thing keeping me going at this point. I CANT wait until school is over and summer is here. summer is really the best season , i love being carefree and warm 24/7. well until i have to go to work but thats another story. I'm not really sure what I'm doing this summer job wise but we shall see when it comes closer! its crazy how i thought last semester was long, but this one feels even longer. I just hope i get good grades and possibly receive some scholarships that i recently have applied for. i hate applying for scholarships , they always take so long and are so drawn out. but i know that my parents love it and it really does help with the cost of college. its ridiculous how expensive college is so any little financial help really does make a difference.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I can't wait for this semester to be over. i just want it to be summer and warm out. But I'm not really sure what I'm going to be doing this summer, job wise. i was thinking about taking summer school classes at JJC but I'm not sure yet. i wanted to maybe get another job so i can form three jobs but that may be little too much since ill be working days at one already. it could be a weekend job but i want t enjoy myself over this summer. ill have to look at all the classes i have to fit in in the next 3 years at lewis and determine if i should take summer courses or not. On a better note, I'm excited for spiring break( even though its still winter). I'm going to Florida with my parents for about 5 days. I saw online the other day that over 10,000 black tip sharks were migrating to the Florida beaches so i won't be in the ocean , but i will be in the pools!  Hopefully we will have warm weather there, it will be nice to get away from the 20 degrees that we have been having around here. atlas this weekend its supposed to warm up, but it will be very windy i believe. but ill take it! well i should get back to my outline, i have a very busy weekend and i need to get it out of the way asap.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

explaining boating

Since I was young, my family has always had a boat. We would take it to the Illinois river and drop it in there and just drive around. this is where i formed my love for the water. We went every summer , whenever we could because it was how we bonded as a family. My dad taught us how to tube on a inflatable tube that would be towed by the boat. Also, my brother and I were taught how to ski on the water. although we did both, tubing was my passion. It was my favorite thing to do in the entire world when I was younger. my family would take either relatives or friends out on the lake with us to let them enjoy themselves too. I think I enjoyed boating so much because of the relaxed and exciting atmosphere that always seemed to wash over me when I got out on the river. everyone would have an amazing time for the day and you got to spend quality time with one another. Boating has always been and will always be a huge part of my life that can never be filled with anything else. It was my favorite thing to do because when i would go, every one of my problems would just disappear. When I have a family, i plan on having a boat and making that a huge part of my kids' lives too because i want them to experience the thrill of having one like i did as a child.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

at this point in my life, i feel as though that i have a very boring and uneventful life. i wish i had more things to do but then again, i don't have the money to do anything. its like a double edged sword. but then again, i have such a busy schedule from school to work that i don't really have the time to me hanging out with people or going out to parties that much. i love having a social life but it can get in the way of my priorities like homework. i don't mind not doing much, since i live at home, I'm always comfortable in my house and can just do whatever, instead of living in a tiny dorm room. i enjoy staying home and being with my family because i know its not going to be like this forever, might as well make the most our of it. my friends who went away to school always are posting pictures of them drinking and at bars/ parties, but i don't understand how they even pass their classes because they arnt ever doing homework. i wish my major was that easy.. unfortunately it isn't. but its going to be so worth it when i get to walk across that stage at graduation and finally get an adult job!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

When I first was introduced to this paper, I thought it was going to be boring and just another pointless assignment. But when I stayed to write about bowling and connected myself with the outside sources, I found it fun to try to connect my experiences with theirs. Like I was told, you follow a process of writing your paper and them coming to a conclusion that you didn’t have before you started. I honestly didn’t think it would happen but it did! Regarding my original design plan, I pretty much stuck to it and the outline for the most part. There were a few things that I had changed, like putting more of the outside sources into the conclusion because I know that it is a requirement. I didn’t stray from the design plan but I did add a lot more body to the paper to better explain myself , from draft to draft. I’m happy with what I ended on because I think I made my thesis very clear in the conclusion.  But what I really enjoyed about this writing assignment was that I could do the inductive writing style. Where I lead up to the thesis and not stating it in my introduction like every other paper I have ever done. One big resource that I utilized was the writing center. I’ve never gone to them for help but with this paper, I emailed it to them and they got back to me very quick. And they found a lot of errors that I didn’t see myself, nor my peers from class. They also made suggestions that I think really helped my paper become stronger and just better rounded. I think that I wrote a very good paper that met all the requirements.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I had an amazing time this weekend at Northern Illinois University while being with my boyfriend and all his fraternity friends. I really makes me wish that i had gone to a bigger school where there was much more to do on campus and just a better night life. I love Lewis for the academics part but not for the social part. Although i know that college is supposed to be about learning and getting a degree, it doesn't waver the fact that I also want college to be my party years where I can have the best time with everyone before we get dumped into the real world. When I go to NIU, everyone is still focused on school but they also are thinking about where the next party is or when their friends are going to come over to hang out. with going to Lewis and living at home, I don't get to experience that kind of college life. but also with going into aviation, Lewis is the perfect place for me because it had a a phenomenal aviation program. I was very lucky with living so close to lewis that I was able to  commute and save money by not living in a dorm. I know that I have a lot to be grateful for that I shouldn't be thinking about how my life could be different by going to a different college, but sometimes I just wonder about it.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

throughout my schooling career, i have always done peer reviews on my classmates papers but i never had any guidelines to go about it with. this was the first time that i had to answer questions based on their writing. it made me think about concepts and ideas which normally wouldn't even cross my mind when editing a paper. even though it was alot of reading and writing for others' papers, i truly hope that it helped them with their paper and maybe made them think of different ways to put their paper together. for me, my paper did have alot of flaws that they caught and brought to my attention. i think peer editing is a good thing because sometimes the writer just skips right over things, which can make or break an essay. i haven't read over my review of my second draft yet but im curious to what they wrote because i want my paper to be really good and easy to follow along too. like i said before there were alot of things that i probably wouldnt have even thought of before doing this exsercise, like how the title connects with the paper and it is should be revised or not. i always thought essays were easy to write but if you want a solid, amazing essay, there is so many aspects that need to be taken under consideration to make it absolutely perfect.. but even after that, its still not perfect, it will never be. i think doing these revisions on eachothers' essays were a great idea because it gives insight from an unbiased outsource. its not a teacher who you might feel uncomfortable sharing your paper with, its just a classmate.
i think that i have way to high of expectations in life. like for tests and what not, i ALWAYS thing im going to do better but when i get it back, its not at all the grade i wanted. like for example, i thought it did bad on a quiz and gt at 85%, but the next quiz i thought i did really good, when i got it back i received at 75%. like seriously.. i cant win! i always thought college would be so difficult and i didn't get that feeling first semester, but this semester is starting to feel like that. i know its only going to get harder but i dont know... it just sucks haha .but i dont regret coming to a university, i really didn't want to get stuck in a community college. all my friends that went to jjc says its high school 2.0. pretty much everyone from my graduating class went there. so i was very proud of myself that i got accepted into Lewis. not that i was better than them or anything, just that i felt more accomplished in myself. i have such high expectations about myself.. getting back to my original rant.. i have too high of expectations...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

lately i have been dwelling on how I'm going to do this semester but I've come to realize that I'm doing pretty well so far. i don't think i have to worry so much its hard to not worry when you have such high expectations for yourself. The only class that I'm genuinely worried about is my Message of Jesus class. i find it quite difficult and hard understand so i need to start working harder in that class if I'm going to strive for a good grade. theres a lot going on in my personal life too that makes it hard to focus on school and my work in my classes. this week hasn't been to chaotic so thats nice, but i was sick for couple of days which sucked. fortunately i feel a lot better today verses yesterday. positives, right?! I'm always just waiting for Friday to come again, thats the only highlight in my life anymore, sad but true. i just can't wait until summer, where its always warm and all my friends are back home, its the best time of the year. i always feel so free and relaxed. but instead it February 2nd and its 38 degrees outside. ugh.