Tuesday, April 26, 2016

reflection on writing project 3

Out of all the writing projects that we did this semester, i think this is my favorite one. i had a lot to say on the topic and i really enjoyed researching the different sources that helped my make my point stronger.At first, i thought this paper was going to be hard and boring but i found that it was actually interesting because i did it on a topic that i wasn't too familiar with so some of the facts were interesting to find out. also i thought it would be really hard to find all my sources but it came really easily to me, i actually found way more than what was needed. there was just so much food information on that specific topic that i had to use a lot of sources. even thought writing papers isn't fun, i found myself enjoying writing this arguement paper because i really wanted to make the point of how organs should be legal to sell if the person chooses to sell it. what made it a lot better was that i was able to do it in MLA formate , instead of APA so that was very nice. overall, i had a great time writing this paper and hope that everyone can take little something away from reading it, i hope they can forth their own opinions on the subject too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

what do i love?

i love a lot of things so it shard to really pinpoint one thing. i love boating, singing, driving, smiling, long talks, beaches, painting my nails, buying clothes, putting on makeup, having fun with my family, watching little kids, being alone, taking pictures, finding new and interesting facts, looking at planes, watching tv, catching up on all my favorite shows, going to parties, dancing with or without people, weddings, planning a party/event, tanning, working out( if its fun), eating, cooking, doing adrenaline seeking stunts, swimming, tubing (snow or water), snowboarding. i love to do anything really. but what i want to do, i want to be an air traffic controller when im older. i want to have a fun happy life that i can share with my family. the question of what i want to do is very vague so im not sure how to really answer it but i just want to be happy with people who i love all around me. what will i do to reinforce that tomorrow? im going to do everything that i love, not all of it because obviously i cant go water tubing when its cold out. but i will do everything that i can tomorrow to make myself happy. there is alot of things that i will do that i don't want to do, like going to class, but those are the things that i have to do to get a better future for my family and i. i have big goals in life that i plan on achieving but i plan on being happy when going for these goals.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

my research question

my topic is should it be legal to sell your organs. i think it would be a very interesting topic that isn't thought of regularly. nobody really thinks of organ donations or organ transplants unless they're personally effected by it. but i believe that organs should be legal to sell. i wanted to choose a topic that was interesting and could catch anybody's attention. i need to learn about the stats that go with organ donations and how many people are actually on the list. also i need to find out if other countries have implemented this law where organs could be sold and see if it tuned out okay or if its spiraling out of control. also information on my main key points like how it would effect the poor and the rich and whatnot. it would be nice to get the opinions of doctors and people in the medical field, but it needs to come from people who have researched this topic. it not a very popular topic so im not really sure who i will be finding as an expert on it. But it will be interesting to see who they are and what they do for a living.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

thoughts on peer revision

Like I stated in my last blog on the revision process for my writing project 1, I never really did throughout revisions on peoples’ papers, so with this project it was nice to get solid feedback on my paper. I learned a lot from the revision feedback that I had received from my peers. A lot of things that they didn’t understand, and they pointed out to me, helped me write and revise my paper so it could easily be understood by anybody. Also because one of my peers wrote a paper on the wage gap prior to this class, she was able to give me some insight on the topic that I didn’t know. She was gave my tips on how to write the paper and how to set it up to make it the best it could be. I gained a whole part of my paper from that talk, I added the history part to my paper because I was told it could enhance my final paper. I like the revising process because it gets vital feedback that you might not get anywhere else if you don’t have anybody at home to read your paper for you. 

experience composing this paper and compares your original design plan

The main point to my paper is still the main point to my design plan. I made the design plan based around the facts of how woman are being discriminated against in today’s society and I used all those very informative facts in my final paper. This allows the reader to get a good understanding on the topic because there is a lot of information in the paper. One thing that I did add into my paper that wasn’t in my design plan is the history of the wage gap. I wrote in my paper on how it started in the beginning of World War II to give the reader more of a foundation on the topic. I thought that it was missing a beginning so that is why I added that into my paper, I believe that it make it a better paper overall. The audience stayed the same, it is mainly for people who have a job, specifically women. Based on all the sources that I use in my paper, the logos portion of the design plan doesn’t add up because I have many more facts to back up my topic. I think I did accomplish everything that I set out to do because it is a very well informed and very well written paper. It’s on a topic that many people aren’t fully informed about and after reading it, they can form an opinion on it. My main goal was to just inform people and I think I achieved that goal. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

well i just officially voted in my first election. it was fun! its crazy how many positions that only one person was running for. it seems like it would be easy to run for something, seems like there are no other candidates who wants to be it. I'm surprised that they still used paper ballots, i would think that everybody would use machines because it would be easier to count and take account for everyone. but it wasn't bad at all, its like taking a test, all you do is fill in the bubbles. unfortunately there was a lot of people that i voted for who i don't even know what their views are. i didn't know there was so many different positions that are being ran for. i thought there was only couple, not like 10. but I'm glad i went, i want to be apart of society and have a say on who gets to run this amazing country. i think everyone should consider voting, even if they don't have the same exact views as one of the candidates, if they don't vote they lose their voice and can't get mad with how our government is being ran, they lost that privilege.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

so were about halfway through the last semester of the year and i couldn't be more thrilled. I'm so tired of being stressed out every day because of all my classes and having work on top of that. the good part about school right now is that one of my classes is almost over because it was a half a semester class. i have the option to take the final which would be on money but I'm not sure if I'm going to or not. if i do, and get a better grade than one of my last tests, then it replaces it. but if i get a worse grade than the others, then that test drops. so there no bad side to taking the test besides having to wake up an hour earlier and going to Lewis earlier. but i haven't decided if I'm going to take it or not. but nothing gets me more excited than the thought of summer break coming up, i cannot wait! hopefully these next month and a half fly by and finals go good so i can start my break out on a good note!