Saturday, January 30, 2016

this upcoming paper is going to be difficult i think. i had trouble with writing the outline and design plan , i just didn't know exactly what wanted to say, i hope it will come to me when i start to write my full rough draft. i feel like this semester is going to be way more difficult that last semester. all my classes have higher expectations than my last semester. which isn't bad or anything but I'm just worried about my gpa because i had such high hopes of getting on the deans list this semester. I'm just excited that after this semester that i will be almost done with all my gen-eds then i can't just focus on all my aviation classes. hopefully it will be a good semester to end my freshman year.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

im not really sure what i write about right now. ive never really done this "free " writing before.. its kinda fun, not going to lie. its like im just writing EVERYTHING down that im thinking. so for the space aliens . ill explain...... i got nothing, i have no idea what to right about at all. im thinking about writing about how to bowl but that kinda hard since theres so much technicalities in it. ill do it anyway i guess, so bowling is about taking a round object( the ball) and trowing it down a long , kinda narrow piece of wood ( the alley). at the end of the alley is 10 pieces of plastic(the pins) that are standing upright , the objective of the game is to hit the pins down. you want to hit as many down in one throw as possible. there are ten frames, but you get 2 tries of each frame, and 3 possible tries on the last frame.. for a grand total of 21 throws. but theres a thing called a strike. that means on your first try , you throw the ball and hit all 10 pins down. but say you throw and hit only 5 pins down, then you throw again and try to gt the other 5 down. if you get the 5 other pins down, then you have just gotten a spare. a strike is what you really want to get but spare is second best. if you throw trice and still have pins standing then you have an open frame, because you didn't get all 10 pins down in one frame. so for the actual bowling part... on the alley there are little boards that make it up, all those boards have a number that goes with them.. the very first board all the way to the right is board number 1.. the very last board all the way to the left is board number 40. this isnt crucial information to being successful in bowling but its good to know if you want to improve your bowling techniques and lingo. the pins also have a number that goes with each one. the very first pin, the head pins is pin number 1, then it goes to the left one in the next row and those are 2,3, then the next row in 4,5,6, then the back row is 7,8,9,10 .. all these pins are in a triangle facing you. if your a right handed alien then you want to hit right between pins number 1 and 3, thats called the right side pocket. and vise versa for the let handed alien. well thats all the time i have for now.... good luck bowling!

what does it mean when i say sports? there are so many sports out there that i cant even begin to name all of them. but sports can mean many different things to one person and mean completely something different to another. some may find sports stupid but many they just haven't found the right one for them. hell, video games is considered a sport now, which i would have never through about before. sports can play a very small roll is someones life or dictate everything about ones life too. its depends on how much they love the game. for me, sports played a pretty large role in my life. my passion was with bowling, i loved it since i was 4 years old, it helped me in so many ways in my life that i just loved it and couldnt stop bowling. but with some people, they make a living off of playing a sport, thats their jobs in life, for example a football player. they will find much more joy in playing football than someone who might throw a football around during gym class. sports can be much more than just a game, it can be somebody's entire life. they were so hard in that one sport that if they lose a game, they are completely devastated and cant get away from that one thing they failed on in the game. but others if they lose a game, they arnt even phased. they think that life will go on and they shouldnt even worry about some silly game.

sports is like having a baby. one ca spends so much time working on a sport and how to get better at it that it like having a baby. there is so much time going into raising a baby, its crazy. if somebodys life is football, they put all their effort, their passion, their love into the game, its the same for having a child. you want to make that child have a the best life and e the best they can be, but as a baby, you have to keep them alive. feeding, baths, changing, just everything else that goes into raising a baby. but another aspect of it is that you pride yourself on that sport. you want to do your best playing that sport , it became your life. with a child, you will take pride into everything that child does, hell, a parent takes pride in their childs poop. and when one wins the superbowl in football, its equivalent to a parent watching their sone or daughter graduate highschool.. or even say their first word. all the time and effort that was put int that sport/ child has finally paid off. you cant help but feel pure joy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

-write a scene that reveals a small truth you realized.
Last summer and parents and I met up with some of my dads old high school friends for dinner and a pizza parlor. I expected them to talk about how their lives are now, but instead they started to reminence about the good old days. They talked about sneaking beer into their rooms and blasting Led Zeppelin. Bout how they would do anything but their homework, and that they would all pile into an old rust bucket and drive around until they were just about to run out of gas. It got me thinking about how they were all my age at one point and they did what my friends and i do now. Yeah, times and technology have changed but my dads and my generations are very similar in how we have a good time. Honestly, I just thought of my dad as a adult, I never realized that he was doing everything that I am today.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

This week there is so much to do. I have multiple quizzes and tests in my classes and I have to work everyday, sometimes before and after school. Fortunately I have a fun weekend ahead of me that I'm super excited about, so at least i have something to looks forward too. Hopefully I won't have too much homework, but I think thats very unlikely to happen considering all my classes have such a busy schedule. I can't wait to feel the relief that always washed over me when I get out of work on Friday and I can just go home to lay down or go out for the night. Also, I need to get started on more scholarship stuff, its come that time of year again where I need to write 74475333959 papers about how I got into the aviation field. It stinks when you think you can just use the same paper over and over again for the scholarships but they twist the questions around and ask something else so its just easier to write a whole new paper. Oh well, it needs to get done.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Being completely new to mindtap, I'm thoroughly confused at how any of it works. the first time I tried I couldn't figure anything out. Fortunately, this second time around I think I may have gotten the hang of it. It was just hard to find where i can submit everything in because it tells you what you have to do in multiple places but I couldn't find where to post it all. But I found it and I got to finish all the homework fairly quickly tonight. Unfortunately mindtap is the least of my worries. I have so much on my plate right now, its crazy. With working two jobs and being a full time student I have no time to do anything anymore. And it doesn't even feel like I'm studying like I should be, yet I'm still busy! My goal this semester is to get on the deans list because I barely missed it last semester. On top of that I also want to work more so I can make money to get a new car that I have been wanting. But I know where my responsibilities lie and I'm sure ill be fine.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

today i realized that all my of writing that i have ever done in school was just about how i wanted to make my teacher happy and just put my thoughts down. but the question of " would it be harder to change the tone of the essay for a different audience?" and i have never thought about that, but yes. it would be harder to change pretty much the entire paper because the audience had changed. so today i learned that in some papers, i may have to take a tone that i wouldn't want to necessarily take because i have a different audience.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I believe that blogging is meant for you, and on a side note its meant for others entertainment. Its a  way to put your ideas and  opinions onto the internet where people can read and reflect on them. There isn't a good way and a bad way to blog, its simply how the person wants to portray themselves to others. When one blogs about something they shouldn't be worried about making others happy, I believe that they should be themselves and write what comes to mind. life is always making others happy and worrying about how you might impact people around you, but with blogging, you only need to worry about yourself, everyone else is out of the picture. The one writing has no responsibilities to their readers because it was the viewers decision to read the blog, and what is said, is someone else's options that they have no control over. I believe that the only responsibility a blogger has is to be themselves while writing, that is what makes blogging so spectacular. Its ones raw emotions and thoughts about something, which people love to read about because that might have the same thoughts or have a different perspective on the topic. People can communicate through blogging so its a great way to get to know people.