Thursday, March 17, 2016

experience composing this paper and compares your original design plan

The main point to my paper is still the main point to my design plan. I made the design plan based around the facts of how woman are being discriminated against in today’s society and I used all those very informative facts in my final paper. This allows the reader to get a good understanding on the topic because there is a lot of information in the paper. One thing that I did add into my paper that wasn’t in my design plan is the history of the wage gap. I wrote in my paper on how it started in the beginning of World War II to give the reader more of a foundation on the topic. I thought that it was missing a beginning so that is why I added that into my paper, I believe that it make it a better paper overall. The audience stayed the same, it is mainly for people who have a job, specifically women. Based on all the sources that I use in my paper, the logos portion of the design plan doesn’t add up because I have many more facts to back up my topic. I think I did accomplish everything that I set out to do because it is a very well informed and very well written paper. It’s on a topic that many people aren’t fully informed about and after reading it, they can form an opinion on it. My main goal was to just inform people and I think I achieved that goal. 

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