Tuesday, March 15, 2016

well i just officially voted in my first election. it was fun! its crazy how many positions that only one person was running for. it seems like it would be easy to run for something, seems like there are no other candidates who wants to be it. I'm surprised that they still used paper ballots, i would think that everybody would use machines because it would be easier to count and take account for everyone. but it wasn't bad at all, its like taking a test, all you do is fill in the bubbles. unfortunately there was a lot of people that i voted for who i don't even know what their views are. i didn't know there was so many different positions that are being ran for. i thought there was only couple, not like 10. but I'm glad i went, i want to be apart of society and have a say on who gets to run this amazing country. i think everyone should consider voting, even if they don't have the same exact views as one of the candidates, if they don't vote they lose their voice and can't get mad with how our government is being ran, they lost that privilege.

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