Thursday, March 17, 2016

thoughts on peer revision

Like I stated in my last blog on the revision process for my writing project 1, I never really did throughout revisions on peoples’ papers, so with this project it was nice to get solid feedback on my paper. I learned a lot from the revision feedback that I had received from my peers. A lot of things that they didn’t understand, and they pointed out to me, helped me write and revise my paper so it could easily be understood by anybody. Also because one of my peers wrote a paper on the wage gap prior to this class, she was able to give me some insight on the topic that I didn’t know. She was gave my tips on how to write the paper and how to set it up to make it the best it could be. I gained a whole part of my paper from that talk, I added the history part to my paper because I was told it could enhance my final paper. I like the revising process because it gets vital feedback that you might not get anywhere else if you don’t have anybody at home to read your paper for you. 

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