Tuesday, April 26, 2016

reflection on writing project 3

Out of all the writing projects that we did this semester, i think this is my favorite one. i had a lot to say on the topic and i really enjoyed researching the different sources that helped my make my point stronger.At first, i thought this paper was going to be hard and boring but i found that it was actually interesting because i did it on a topic that i wasn't too familiar with so some of the facts were interesting to find out. also i thought it would be really hard to find all my sources but it came really easily to me, i actually found way more than what was needed. there was just so much food information on that specific topic that i had to use a lot of sources. even thought writing papers isn't fun, i found myself enjoying writing this arguement paper because i really wanted to make the point of how organs should be legal to sell if the person chooses to sell it. what made it a lot better was that i was able to do it in MLA formate , instead of APA so that was very nice. overall, i had a great time writing this paper and hope that everyone can take little something away from reading it, i hope they can forth their own opinions on the subject too.

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